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Proposed Amendments to:

Title 29 Subdivisions and Title 33 Zoning




At their December 13, 2017 public hearing, the Planning Commission unanimously forwarded a positive recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners.

A BOCC hearing date has been set for January 30, 2018 at 10:30 am in the Clallam County Commissioners Meeting Room.




1. Chapter 29.03 - Definitions

Amend definition to Boundary Line Adjustment



2. Chapter 29.43 - Boundary Line Adjustments and Lot Combination

Minor revisions and added criteria to this chapter. Under Section 29.43.200, Criteria for approval, an additional criterial has been added on what a boundary line adjustment does not constitute.



3. Chapter 29.45 - Alterations and Vacations

Alteration of a subdivision, binding site plan, mobile home park, RV park, short subdivision, or large lot subdivision.

  • Section 29.45.100 - Applicability - Amendment to an existing land division affecting only the lots involved with a lot line adjustment, to be processed as a boundary line adjustment.



4. Chapter 29.01- Purpose and Authority

Proposal to amend Section 29.01.500 Exemptions - types of divisions that are not subject to Title 29, and adding a new exemption for electric utility facilities.


5. Chapter 29.30 - Standards for Subdivisions, Short Subdivisions and Large Lot Divisions

Establishes the minimum standards and improvement requirements for all preliminary and final plat approvals. Proposal to amend the various sections:

  • Section 29.30.200 - Minimum access, street standards and improvement requirements outside urban growth areas that addresses private road and design standards/dimensions for land divisions.

  • Section 29.30.300 - Minimum water supply standards and improvement requirements outside urban growth areas to include a reference for the Instream Flow Area, and additional water supply requirements as per Chapter 173-518 WAC.

  • Section 29.30.500 - Irrigation, fire protection, drainage and utility standards and improvement requirements outside urban growth areas to include, if required irrigation improvements prior to final plat approval.




1. Chapter 33.03 - Definitions

Proposal changing the definition of Commercial Storage that will allow self-storage facilities



1. Chapter 33.30 - Variances

Proposal to amend Section 33.30.010(3) & Section 33.30.030: Required showing for a variance approval.