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Food Safety

Environmental Health works with the public, food service establishments, and food service workers to protect public health. We work to prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses through our education and permitting programs.

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If you don´t find the information you are looking for online, please contact Environmental Health Services.

The Food Safety Advisory Council wants to hear from you before July 31st, 2019!

Washington Administrative Code 246-215, the rule for Retail Food Establishments in Washington State, is currently under revision. The public comment period is part of the revision process. The Retail Food Code in Washington State is designed to safeguard public health by setting standards for: management and personnel, food handling, equipment, plan review, employee restriction and permitting. Don’t miss an opportunity to provide comments or request clarification. The public comment period is open through July 31st. There will be presentations throughout the state and a webinar option for more detailed discussion.

Please provide any feedback to the Food Safety Advisory Council or by emailing the Department of Health Food Safety Team directly at:

Draft Summery of Proposed Changes to WAC 246-215

Draft Proposed Rule Language for WAC 246-215

Visit the Washington State Department of Health Food Code Rule Revision website for more information.

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We are located on the main floor of the Courthouse, across from Commissioners office in room 130 at the east customer service counter.

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