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Solid Waste

What is Solid Waste?

According to Washington Administrative Code (WAC 173-350-100) "Solid Waste" or "Solid Wastes" means all putrescible and non-putrescible solid and semi-solid including, but not limited to garbage, rubbish, ashes, industrial wastes, swill, sewage sludge, demolition and construction wastes, abandoned vehicles and parts thereof, contaminated soils and contaminated dredged material, and recyclable materials.

Solid Waste Activities by Clallam County Environmental Health

Environmental Health Services' solid waste activities include:

  • Solid waste sites: permitting, inspecting and reviewing environmental monitoring data
  • Enforcing solid waste regulations and investigating solid waste complaints
  • Ensuring that local solid waste codes are adequate and up-to-date

For most solid waste activities in Clallam County, Environmental Health works closely with Washington State Department of Ecology. We also work with Clallam County's Department of Community Development and Code Enforcement when local issues such as zoning and land use are involved.

Solid Waste Authority

Environmental Health Services has regulatory jurisdiction on solid waste activities in the County. We uphold state and county rules and regulations. A copy of the local solid waste regulations can be found HERE.

Washington State's solid waste regulations (and a list of other publications) can be found on the Department of Ecology's publication website. Landfill regulations are also available.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC)

The Solid Waste Advisory Committee meets every othermonth to discuss various solid waste issues. SWAC's purpose is to assist in the development of programs and policies relating the solid waste handling and disposal. They also review and comment on proposed rules, policies and ordinances. The committee is made up of citizens, public interest groups, businesses, the waste management industry, and local elected officials. Environmental Health is a non-voting member of SWAC; we offer technical assistance and participate because of our regulatory activities. For more information about the SWAC, please contact Clallam County Public Works at (360) 417-2379.

Green Building

Clallam County Environmental Health is pleased to be working with many local groups on green building projects. The North Peninsula Building Association (NPBA) put together the Clallam County Built Green™ Checklist. For more information about the Checklist or upcoming trainings visit the NPBA website.

For different training sessions, Clallam County Environmental Health has designed two Power Point presentations.

Solid Waste & Rodents

A collection of solid waste can provide a comfortable home for rodents. Mice and rats can harm property and public health. For tips on controlling a rat or mouse problem, please see our section on animal dangers.


Proper disposal of solid waste is important to protect public health and the environment. The Environmental Health Division investigates complaints about improper disposal of solid waste. Junk vehicle complaints are referred to the Department of Community Development Code Enforcement and burning garbage complaints are referred to the Olympic Region Clean Air Authority.


Questions about asbestos removal can be referred to Olympic Region Clean Air Authority. Questions about asbestos disposal can be referred to the City of Port Angeles at 360-417-4875. A Waste Disposal Application from the City of Port Angeles is required for disposal at the Regional Port Angeles Transfer Station; please call 360-417-4872.

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