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Clallam County Code

County laws are created by Ordinance. Ordinances are adopted by the Board of Commissioners after a Public Hearing and are published in an organized form known as the "County Code." The Clallam County Code page contains links to recently adopted ordinances not yet codified. Interim and emergency ordinances, temporary in nature, are listed for informational purposes. Ordinances granting franchises are not codified.

Recently Adopted Ordinance(s):

  • Ordinance 927 - An ordinance creating a Chapter in the Clallam County Code titled Public Records
  • Ordinance 928 - An ordinance amending Chapter 21.04, Permit Advisory Board, related to quorum
  • Ordinance 929 - An ordinane continuing Interim Officials Controls under Clallam County Code Chapter 33.40, General Requirements, to limit size of structures in certain rural zoning districts
  • Ordinance 930 - An ordinance creating a chapter in the Clallam County Code titled Disposition of Remains of Indigent Persons
  • Ordinance 931 - Amending Title 33, Zoning, Chapter 33.52, Recreational Marijuana of the Clallam County Code to prohibit retail sales of marijuana in the Joyce Urban Growth Area and allow for minor text changes, including changing the current title from Recreational Marijuana to Marijuana Regulations