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If you can't open one of Clallam County's web pages, or are having trouble with the site, please check below for help.

Jail Roster

The Jail Roster has moved. If you added a Jail Roster shortcut to your Favorites or Bookmarks, the shortcut might point to the old address. The correct address to add to Favorites is

Property Search

If you are having trouble with Property Search, please check the Property Search Help Page. If that did not help, and if you cannot load Property Search in your web browser, please try:

  1. Try this link: ( If it doesn't work, try the steps below...
  2. Check your browser and settings (details below).
  3. Check for and remove conflicting products (details below).
  4. Browser okay, no conflicting products, but pages still won't load? (details below).
  5. Contact us and/or your internet service provider.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

^Arrow to Top^1: Check your browser

Ensure your browser is Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, or the latest Firefox. Ensure your browser settings are standard/default, and that it allows frames, accepts cookies, has JavaScript enabled. If you use another web browser, or non-standard browser settings, or if JavaScript is disabled, some County web pages might not display correctly.

^Arrow to Top^ 2: Check for and remove conflicting products

If your web browser can view our home page and food database, but cannot view our Jail Roster or Parcel Search, the most common reason is that FunWebProducts or MyWebSearch toolbar is installed on your computer. You cannot run our Clallam County web applications with FunWebProducts/MyWebSearch toolbar installed. It is possible to have this on your computer without even knowing it. Click the Test button below. To test to see if you have FunWebProducts/MyWebSearch installed, click the button below. An alert box will pop up and tell you if FunWebProducts is a likely cause of the problem. FunWebProducts and MyWebSearch must be removed before you will be able to use some of our County web applications. MyWebSearch can be difficult to remove and sometimes requires an anti-malware program to remove it completely. Also, even if the Test button doesn't find it on your system, it could still be on your computer. If it is not present on your computer, skip to Step 4.


^Arrow to Top^3: Contact Us

If you can you load other web pages but just not some of ours, and if you have tried all of the above, please contact your internet service provider or computer technical support provider for further assistance. If they redirect you to us, please contact us and let us know the following information:

  1. What page address are you unable to access?
  2. What web browser are you using?
  3. Are you using a company networked computerl Or, are you using a computer at home? Or, are you using a laptop or computer someplace other than home or work?
  4. Specifically what happens and what do you see on your screen when you try to access the web page, document or application?
  5. Try the following links, and let us know what you see. This will help us determine what pages you can or cannot access: and

Also, be aware many sections of our website, including Property Search, are under construction and undergoing improvements which could resolve some problems in the future. If you email us about Property Search, we will forward your message on to the people who work with the Property Search program and those who developed the application.