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Q & A´s


I want to file a divorce, can I do that in your court?

District Court does not handle divorce cases. You would need to contact Clallam County Superior Court. You also may want to contact the courthouse facilitator, 360-417-2588, who may be able to assist you with forms and procedural advice.

I have a green ticket and I want to come to court, how do I do that?

Read the back of your ticket completely. Determine what kind of hearing you are seeking. Check the appropriate box, sign it and mail or bring it into our office within the 15 days. The court will then set a court date and notify you by mail.

I received a warrant in the mail and I was wondering how to take care of it?

Walk-in warrants are any Thursday (excluding holidays) at 1:30 pm. You will appear in the clerks office at 1:30 pm, pay a $100 (cash or money order) warrant fee per warrant and be placed on the calendar for 2:00pm.

The judge put a no contact order on my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other and I didn´t ask for it, what do I do?

A "no contact" order is issued by the judge as part of a criminal proceeding. Such orders are routinely issued in cases involving allegations of violence. The main purpose of the order is to protect an alleged victim. If the victim does not believe there is a legitimate basis for a no contact order, he or she may send the judge a notarized letter explaining why the order is not needed. The judge will typically terminate the order if convinced that the alleged victim is adequately protected. In some cases the order is terminated after the alleged victim takes certain steps to ensure his or her safety if similar situations arise in the future.