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Zoning Variance

Variances are an exception from the minimum standards setforth by the Zoning Code, CCC 33.  Standards eligible for a variance include setbacks, height standards, parking for commercial structures, and road requirements for land divisions. Variances may not be granted to applications regarding minimum lot sizes, maximum density or land uses permitted in each zone.

The Variance application will be heard by the Clallam County Hearing Examiner.  The Department of Community Development staff will provide the Examiner with a report of their recommendation, with exhibits.  Within ten working days after the public hearing is closed a decision is rendered.  Click here for more details on the Hearing Examiner Process.

The Clallam County Hearing Examiner may grant a variance when the applicant shows that the proposed variance meets the following criteria:

(1)That because of special circumstances applicable to subject property including size, shape, topography and location, the strict application of this regulation would deprive subject property owner of rights and privileges enjoyed by other property owners in the vicinity and within the same zone as set forth in the official zoning map;

(2)That the granting of the variances will not be materially detrimental to the public health or injurious to property or improvements thereon;

(3)That the granting of the variance will not materially compromise the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan or the spirit of this regulation; or

(4)That approval of the variance will not constitute a grant of special privilege.

Code CCC 33.30

Please contact the Department of Community Development to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an application for a zoning variance. 360-417-2420