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Elwha-Dungeness Watershed Plan

Water Resource Inventory Area 18 (WRIA 18) and Sequim Bay in West WRIA 17.

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1.0  Introduction and Planning Framework

2.0  Watershed Characterization

2.1  Natural Environment

Figure 2.1-1     Generalized Surficial Geology and Locations of Hydrogeologic Sections
Figure 2.1-7   WRIA 18 Salmon Stock Status

2.2  Human Environment

Figure 2.2-1   Subbasin Areas Analyzed for Buildout – East WRIA 18
Figure 2.2-2   Subbasin Areas Analyzed for Buildout – West WRIA 18

2.3  Water Quantity

2.4  Elwha River and Tributaries

2.5  Port Angeles Urban Independent Drainages

2.6  Morse Creek

2.7  Bagley, Siebert, and McDonald Creeks (Central Strait Independent Drainages)

Figure 2.7-1   Bagley, Siebert, and McDonald Creeks Area Map

2.8  Dungeness Watershed

2.9  East Strait Clallam Independent Drainages

2.10  Sequim Bay and Drainages

2.11  Strait of Juan de Fuca Marine Nearshore Environment


3.0  Recommendations

3.1  Water Quantity Recommendations

3.2  Water Quality Recommendations

3.3  Habitat Recommendations

3.4  Instream Flows Recommendations

3.5  Stormwater Recommendations

3.6  Land Use and Land Management Recommendations

3.7  Public Education and Outreach Recommendations

3.8  Watershed Management Recommendations

3.9  Elwha River and Tributaries Recommendations

3.10  Port Angeles Independent Drainages Recommendations

3.11  Morse Creek Recommendations

3.12  Bagley, Siebert, and McDonald Recommendations (Central Strait Independent Drainages)

3.13  Dungeness River and Tributaries Recommendations

3.14  East Strait Independent Drainages Recommendations

3.15  Sequim Bay and Drainages Recommendations

3.16  Strait of Juan de Fuca Marine Nearshore Recommendations


Acronymns and Abbreviations (6 pgs.)

Glossary (16 pgs.)

Bibliography (16 pgs.)



Appendix 1-A:  WRIA 18 Planning Framework

Appendix 1-B:  Recommendations of Others

Appendix 1-C:  Sequim-Dungeness Valley Agricultural Water Users Association Rules and Regulations

Appendix 1-D:  Intergovernmental Agreement

Appendix 1-E:  DRMT Watershed Restoration Plans & Activities 1989 to 2001, 2001 Milestones Report, and the 2002 Milestones Report

Appendix 1-F:  DRMT "Focus Workshops" Schedule: WRIA 18 Watershed Plan

Appendix 1-G:  EMMT 2002-2003 Work Plan

Appendix 1-H:  SEPA Documentation


Appendix 2-A:  Concurrent Research Summaries

Appendix 2-B:  WRIA 18 Water Rights Analysis (Ecology 2000)

Appendix 2-C:  WRIA 18 Geographic Information Systems Analysis of Water Rights (Ecology 2002)

Appendix 2-D:  Water Conservation Measures

Appendix 2-E:  Detail of Chinook Plantings from Dungeness Hatcheries


Appendix 3-A:  Remaining Issues (Those Issues Yet to be Resolved)

Appendix 3-B:  Limiting Factors Analysis

Appendix 3-C:  Instream Flow Fact Sheet

Appendix 3-D:  Dungeness Watershed Proposed Project List 2002-05



VOLUME 2: Appendix 3-E, Documentation of Public Hearing Process

[The complete version of Volume 2 including audio files of public hearings is available on CD by calling 360-417-2321.]


1. Actions Taken by the Planning Unit

Proposed WRIA 18 Plan distributed and posted on web, August 2004

Memo to Board, 5/11/05


2. Actions Taken by the Board of Commissioners

Note: Documentation of a Board worksession includes an agenda and an audio file (available on CD); no written minutes are prepared for worksessions.

Worksession, 8/16/04

Minutes, 8/17/04

Minutes, 8/31/04

Resolution - call for hearing, 8/31/04

Extended worksession, 9/13/04

Minutes, 9/14/04

Worksession, 9/20/04

Minutes, 9/21/04

Worksession, 9/27/04

Minutes, 10/6/04

Worksession, 10/11/04

Minutes, 10/12/04

Worksession, 10/18/04

Worksession, 11/1/04

Worksession, 11/8/04

Worksession, 11/29/04

Worksession, 1/31/05

Worksession, 2/14/05

Worksession, 5/1/05

Worksession, 5/16/05

Resolution - call for hearing, 5/17/05

Minutes, 6/7/05

Resolution approving Plan, 6/7/05


3. Actions Taken by Project Staff

Report to Board, 8/11/04

Fact Sheet, 8/31/04

SEPA Documentation, 9/17/04 (also found in Volume 1, Appendix 1-H)

Planning History & Outreach Summary, 9/20/04

Memo to Board, 10/11/04

Report to Board, 11/8/04

Focus Session agendas and slideshows (by County and State agency staff), 2/2/05 and 2/8/05

Memo to Planning Teams, 3/18/05


4. Public Testimony

Oral testimony, 9/21/04; 10/6/04; 10/12/04; 6/7/05 (audio files available on CD)

Written testimony, 9/1/04 through 6/7/05

Flip Chart Notes from Focus Sessions, 2/2/05 and 2/8/05