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Septic System 'As-Builts'

It is important for homeowners and tenants to know where the components of their septic system are located so they can avoid damaging their investment.  Knowing where the septic tank and drainfield are also makes it much easier to maintain the system properly.

What is an 'As-Built' record drawing?

An important part of the septic permit process is an 'as-built' or record drawing (see example below). This is a drawing produced by a licensed engineer of how the septic system was actually installed.  Sometimes unexpected conditions on a site require a system to be installed differently than it was designed.  An accurate record of the system is required.Example 'as-built' Record Drawing

Environmental Health Services On-site Program has as-builts available for most of the septic systems that have been installed in Clallam County, depending on when the system was installed.  As-builts are available from as early as 1968, but systems installed since the mid-1980s are most likely to have accurate as-builts available.

How do I get a copy of my septic system's 'As-built'?


Septic permits and their associated record drawings are now scanned into the Permit Database as they are received. Most septic permits and as-built record drawings are available for online viewing and printing using the Department of Community Development's Online Permit System.  With the Parcel Information Search users can find PDF documents attached under the septic permit case numbers SEP(YEAR)-(5digit_case_number) by Geo ID parcel number or address. Please also see Septic System Data Available Online for more information.

Email, fax or phone:

For records not found online you may submit an electronic as-built request using our Online Septic System Related Documents Request Form or you may submit a paper as-built request by mail, fax, phone or in person (Clallam County charges a 15¢ per page copy fee for paper copies but septic system records can be provided to the homeowner free of charge).

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