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Drilling a Well

The Washington State Department of Ecology regulates well drilling for both individual and public water systems. Their Homeowner's Guide to Well Contruction provides detailed information on the process. Well Drilling Truck

Wells must be drilled by a licensed well driller.  Check the yellow pages under ‘Well Drilling' or Department of Ecology's Well Construction and Licensing page or click HERE for a list of well drillers in Clallam County.  Your well driller will manage the permitting process for you, completing the application and getting approval from the Department of Ecology

If your well driller does not give you a copy of your well log after the well is drilled, we suggest that you request one from them.

Environmental Health Services

We provide water testing services, and suggest that you have your water tested after your well is completed.

If the well is drilled as part of a construction project (new home or commercial building) in Clallam County, verification of water availability is required as part of the permit process.  This is obtained through Environmental Health.

Please also visit our webpages about about protecting your well from contamination and disinfecting your well if it becomes contaminated.

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