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Comprehensive Plan

The County´s Comprehensive Plan is administered by the Planning Division of the Department of Community Development.

Clallam County Comprehensive Plan (Title 31 CCC)

The Clallam County Comprehensive Plan has served as a guide for directing local land use policy and decision-making since adoption of first plan in 1967.  The County adopted a new Comprehensive Plan in 1995 in response to the state Growth Management Act (GMA), which has been subsequently updated.  The Comprehensive Plan consists of a countywide and four regional plans (see Map below).  The County and the cities of Forks, Port Angeles and Sequim comprehensive plans also address planning for the urban growth areas (UGAs) designated around these three cities.

region map

The county-wide comprehensive plan contains policies for those issues that are of a county-wide nature. The regional plans implement county-wide objectives and address regional issues and needs more specifically.   These plans provide a policy framework for land use, natural resources, environment, urban growth areas, transportation, public facilities/services, economic development, and other community planning areas.  The Comprehensive Plan Land Use and Zoning Map designate urban growth areas (UGAs), natural resource lands, and rural lands as summarized below:

Clallam County General Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations

General Land Use Designation


% of County

Urban Growth Areas (UGA) 1

21,579 ac. (Total)

1.94% (Overall)

Sequim UGA

5,219 ac.


Port Angeles UGA

9,193 ac.


Forks UGA

4,867 ac.


Carlsborg UGA

557.8 ac.


Clallam Bay-Sekiu UGA

1,386 ac.


Joyce UGA

357 ac.


Natural Resource Lands2

640,743 ac. (Total)

57.63% (Overall)

Commercial Forest

634,569 ac.


Agricultural Retention

6,168 ac.


Rural Lands

100,765ac. (Total)

9.06% (Overall)


92,176 ac.


Residential LAMIRDs

6,224 ac.


Commercial and Mixed Use LAMIRDs

2,364 ac.


Public Lands3

4,734 ac.


Other Lands4

343,858 ac. (Total)

30.93% (Overall)

Olympic National Park

312,685 ac.


Tribal Reservation & Trust

31,173 ac.


1The Forks, Port Angeles and Sequim UGA’s include both unincorporated and incorporated areas.

2Commercial forest lands are also designated under the comprehensive plan as mineral resource lands of long-term commercial significance.

3Excludes public land designations within UGA’s.  The Public Land designations include county and state parks, the Dungeness Wildlife Refuge, and some other public ownerships not otherwise designated as Natural Resource and Rural Lands.

4Olympic National Park and Tribal Reservation and Trust lands are not subject to the GMA or County comprehensive plan and development regulations.


2018 GMA Periodic Review and Evaluation

The Comprehensive Plan and implementing development regulations (e.g., zoning) are subject to continuing review and evaluation. The County’s comprehensive plan and development regulations have been amended and updated numerous times since adoption of the County’s original 1995 comprehensive plan.

The GMA requires the County to periodically take” legislative action” to review and, if needed, revise its comprehensive plan and development regulations every 8 years to ensure that they continue to comply with the GMA (RCW 36.70.130).  The Board of Clallam County Commissioners adopted Resolution 82 on August 7, 2018, to affirm completion of this periodic review requirement that the County’s comprehensive plan and development regulations continue to comply with the GMA.  Pursuant to RCW 36.70A.130(1), this action was taken following notice and holding of an August 7, 2018 public hearing, and contains supporting findings and conclusions. The Resolution also contains a summary and findings related to adopted ordinances amending the comprehensive plan and development regulations since the County’s last GMA periodic review in 2007, and supporting demographic profile and land use information. This action does not amend the comprehensive plan or development regulations.


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