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Commercial Building Permits

This page explains the application requirements for commercial permits.
Revised November 2002.

See also: Commercial Building Application forms and instructions.

Before submitting your application for a commercial building permit to Clallam County Building Division, You must have a complete package consisting of:

  • the PARCEL NUMBER of the proposed building site
  • the LEGAL DESCRIPTION of the proposed building site
  • ENVIRONMENTAL CHECKLIST if required (check with Planning)
  • SITE PLAN (see instructions)
  • LANDSCAPE PLAN if required (check with Planning)
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTING, including fixture specification sheet.


Cover Sheet

The following information must be included on the cover sheet of the plan package:

  1. The full name and location or address of the project.
  2. The name, address, and phone number of owner and agent(s).
  3. The area, in square feet or acres, of the project site.
  4. The existing zoning of the project site.
  5. The seismic zone of the project site.
  6. Legal description including parcel number.
  7. The floor, roof and wind design loads.
  8. The proposed use of the building(s). (If a multi-family dwelling, indicate number of units.)
  9. The International Building Code designation of occupancy group(s).
  10. The International Building Code type of construction of the proposed building.
  11. The area of each building in square feet. 4,000 square feet or more in area requires design by an engineer/architect licensed in the state of Washington.
  12. The occupancy load (maximum capacity) of each building.
  13. The valuation of the project (engineer estimate or copy of bid).
  14. The number of required and proposed off street parking stalls.

Environmental Checklist

An environmental checklist is required of new commercial structures 4000 square feet or more in area, or any new commercial building having 20 or more off street parking spaces.

Check with the Planning Division for more information.

Site Plan

Submit one copy of the site plan with each set of working drawings, plus one extra copy.

The site plan is to be drawn to scale and must show the following:

  1. A marker showing direction of North.
  2. A vicinity map at a scale of approximately 1:24,000 (1" = 2,000') showing sufficient area and detail to clearly locate the project in relation to arterial streets and roads, natural features, landmarks, and municipal boundaries.
  3. Location, identification and dimensions of all buildings, property lines, streets and roads, alleys, and easements. Indicate condition of all public rights-of-way and submit verification of right to utilize easements as proposed. Show bodies of water and streams (A scaled drawing may substitute for a dimensioned plan).
  4. Preservation measures for fills and cut slopes (e.g. retaining walls, rockeries, plantings, etc.). You may also be required to show the original and proposed topography at maximum 5 ft contour intervals.
  5. Clearly identified outline of areas or buildings included in the scope of work covered by this permit application.
  6. There may be a landscaping plan required of the project. If so, to insure legibility of the site plan, a separate landscaping plan should be submitted, showing original and proposed contours (Submit one copy with each set of working drawings, and one extra copy).
  7. Show all existing and proposed buildings with projections and roof overhangs. Distances to property lines are measured from the building overhang. Buildings scheduled for demolition or removal are to be indicated on plan (Refer to Brochure #16 for detailed information concerning demolition and removal of buildings).
  8. Show the location of all water mains, valves, and fire hydrants. Show emergency fire access lanes.
  9. The existing edge and width of any adjacent roadways and easements, and all existing and proposed off-street parking facilities, aisle-ways, driveway approaches, curbing, sidewalks, street channelization, and types of surfaces.
  10. The location of proposed fencing. For fences over 6 feet high provide a typical section (i.e. slatted, chain link, cement block, etc.)
  11. The location, size and type of all proposed signs.
  12. The location, type, and wattage of all outdoor lighting, with typical standards illustrated.
  13. Location of the ordinary high water mark, if situated in a designated shoreline environment according to the Clallam County Shoreline Master Program.

Drainage Plan

A drainage plan is required by the Department of Public Works for all commercial and industrial structures, and all multi-family residences. The drainage plan must be prepared by a licensed civil engineer, and submitted to the Department of Public Works for approval.

Working Drawings

Architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilation drawings are required, and must be drawn to scale. Three complete sets of all drawings, including site plan, are normally sufficient. However, four complete sets of drawings must be submitted for the following:

  1. All food handling establishments (including schools, churches, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, taverns, nursing homes, etc.)
  2. car washes
  3. public or semi-public swimming pools
  4. trailer courts.
  • Heating and ventilation drawings shall show all air-handling equipment (heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and exhaust systems) including ducts, registers, diffusers, grille sizes and air quantities. Show all fire dampers as required by code, and the equipment list.
  • Plans and specifications for all buildings classified by the Building Division within occupancy groups A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4, E, I-1, I-3 and all buildings exceeding two stories or an average height of 25 feet must be prepared by a structural engineer or architect currently licensed to practice in the State of Washington. All drawings of buildings within these categories will display the signed stamp of the responsible architect or engineer. Structural calculations must be submitted for all structures 4,000 square feet or more in area.
  • Drawings must show compliance with Barrier Free Facilities Regulations for handicapped persons, as required by the State of Washington Building Code, RCW 19.27, as provided for in RCW 70.92.100-70.92.160 and WAC 51-20.
  • Plans and specifications shall show compliance with the Washington State Energy Code Chapter 51-11 WAC (including lighting budget), 1997 Edition and Washington State Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code, Chapter 51-13 WAC, 2002 Edition.

Other Requirements:

  1. The Plan check fee (65% of building permit fee) shall be paid upon application. Fees are defined in Table 3A of the Uniform Building Code.
  2. Property lines must be identified by the owner or agent on the site at the time of the first inspection. Property lines may have to be surveyed.
  3. A State of Washington Contractor's Registration Card or photocopy of same must be presented before a permit can be issued.
  4. Fire Protection Plan (See Clallam County Building Division for regulations pertaining to fire flow and supply).
  5. Road Approach Permits may be required by Clallam County Department of Public Works or Washington State.
  6. See the Environmental Health Division for septic tank, well, and other requirements.
  7. Engineered drainage and/or erosion hazard plans.