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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you contact the Clallam County Assessor's Office first?

Yes, you are encouraged to contact the Clallam County Assessor's Office to review your valuation any time you have a question regarding your property value. Property owners can often settle disagreements at this level without continuing the petition process. After talking with the Assessor's Office staff, if you feel that you need to continue the process, file a timely petition with the Clallam County Board of Equalization (BOE).

When do I receive a Notice of Value?

The Clallam County Assessor’s Office will review all property values each year as required by Washington State, however, property values will only change when market conditions warrant. Notice of Values show the appraised value of land and improvements. The Notice of Value will also state the date it was mailed. Historically, Notice of Values have been mailed to property owners in October.

You must attach a copy of your Notice of Value to your petition if you submit after July 1. Your petition will not be accepted without the Notice of Value from the Assessor’s Office. Please make sure your mailing address is up-to-date with the Assessor’s Office to ensure you receive your Notice of Value.

When is the deadline for filing?

The deadline for filing is either July 1 of the assessment year or within 30 days of when the value notice was mailed by the Assessor's Office, whichever date is later. If you mail your petition, it must be postmarked by midnight of the deadline. Contact the BOE Coordinator for information regarding filing date exceptions.

How do I find comparable sales?

State law requires that all property be valued at 100% of market value. Sales of comparable properties are the best indicator of the market value. The BOE often uses comparable sales information when making decisions; therefore, it is important to include comparable sales information with your evidence. Information regarding sales of comparable properties may be obtained through personal research, local realtors, appraisers, online real estate websites (such as Zillow or Redfin), or at the Clallam County Assessor’s Office.

What if there are no properties comparable to mine?

Comparable properties do not have to exactly match your property. Look for properties that are most similar, then note their differences and adjust the value of the other property to reflect those differences. For example, if your property has an obscured view, and the only similar property that sold has a much better view, discount the sale price to the amount you believe someone would be willing to pay for the lesser view. If your property has deteriorated conditions that would make it difficult to sell, provide contractor estimates of the “cost to cure” those conditions. Photos are particularly effective support for arguments regarding condition. Additional evidence, above and beyond what is required for a complete petition, may be submitted up to 21 business days prior to your hearing.

When will I have a hearing?

After the petition is accepted, the Clallam County Assessor is given an opportunity to review your evidence and respond. If they agree to change the value, they will contact you with a stipulation for you to sign, if you agree. If an agreement on the true and fair value cannot be reached the BOE Coordinator will notify you of the location, date, and time of your scheduled hearing by mail about 6-8 weeks after submitting a complete petition.

Holding the Hearing

The hearing is an informal review where property owners may represent themselves without an attorney. You and the Assessor's representative will have the opportunity to give oral testimony and review your previously submitted arguments and documentary evidence. Each party may question the other and rebut evidence. There is no requirement that the petitioner or Assessor’s representative attend the hearing.

Can my property value be increased?

Yes, the Board of Equalization can sustain, lower, or raise the Assessment so it reflects 100% of the true and fair market value.

When will I receive a decision?

Decisions are typically mailed within 45 days of the hearing.

What if I am not satisfied with the Board of Equalization’s decision?

Either the Petitioner or Assessor may appeal a BOE decision to the Washington State Board of Tax Appeals. An appeal must be filed with the State Board within thirty (30) calendar days of the mailing date of the BOE’s decision. Forms are available on our website, the BOE office or may be obtained from the Board of Tax Appeals.

Should I wait until after my hearing to pay my property taxes?

Pay your property taxes when due. After your hearing and the finalization of the BOE's decision, the Clallam County Treasurer will notify you of the appropriate adjustments in your tax responsibility or refunds.