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Administrative Policies and Procedures

Table of Contents


Section 100: General Provisions and Administration

101Purpose, Definitions, and General Provisions (4-11-2017)
105County Mission and Strategic Goals (2-24-2004)
110Creating and Amending Ordinances (8-26-2019)
120Board Operating Guidelines (10-22-2019)
190Support of Services and Programs (4-15-2005)

Section 200: Personnel

200Personnel Policies Introduction and Purpose (4-10-2012)
210Employment Processes and Practices (4-10-2012)
215Employment Records (8-16-2011)
220Classification, Work Hours, and Compensation (10-23-2018)
222Emergency Budget Furlough Policy (11-6-2012)
225Employee Benefits (2-15-2022)
           FMLA - Employee Rights and Responsibilities
230Conduct and Work Rules (11-6-2012)
235Investigation of Complaints and Discipline (5-15-2007)
240Health, Safety, and Security (11-6-2012)
245Hazard Communication Program (5-30-2017)
270Travel Reimbursement (Replaced by Policy 503)
295Disability Board (10-21-2014)   | Disability Board Claim Reimbursement Form (11-2009)

Section 300: Records and Information

321 Public Records (3-6-2018)
           Click here for a list of exemptions
360Notary Services (10-6-2020)

Section 400: Facilities and Equipment

405Facility Security, Access, and Use (11-6-2011)
410Service Animals (2-24-2009)
420Use of County Technology Resources Including Cell Phones, Internet, and Social Media (8-16-2011)
422County Software and Support of Personally Owned Computers (7-27-2004)
430County Facilities and Business Hours (5-19-2015)
450Vehicle Use (7-15-2003)
455Property Control (8-8-2017)
461County Park and Recreation Master Plan Updates (12-15-2009)
462County Park Acquisition and New Park and Recreation Facility Development
            (for projects in the "Parks Master Plan") (12-15-2009)
463County Park Acquisition and New Park and Recreation Facility Development
            (for projects not in the "Parks Master Plan") (12-15-2009)

Section 500: Financial

500General Financial Policies (4-11-2017)
502Financial System Operations and Security (4-11-2017)
503Travel and Travel Reimbursement (11-23-2021) (formerly 270)
504Recognitions, Refreshments, and Miscellaneous Reimbursements (3-10-2020)
505Budget Changes and Modifications (11-21-2017)
509Transfers (4-18-2006)
510Refund and Reimbursement (5-14-2002)
511Imprest Accounts (4-18-2006)
515Investment Policy (8-11-2020)
520Debt Policy (6-10-2003)
522Issuing Registered Warrants (4-18-2006)
530Opportunity Fund Policy (1-27-2015)
549Indirect Costs (3-11-2003)
560Purchasing, Bidding, and Contracts (5-25-2021)
              Insurance and Indemnification Manual Supplement
562Grants Management (7-5-2005)
570Procurement (Credit) Card Policy (2-24-2009)
576Risk and Insurance Management (1-4-2011)

Section 800: Public Works

815Public Input To the Six Year Transportation Improvement Program (7-22-2003)
816Design Development Guidelines for Transportation Projects (1-13-2004)
817County Road Speed Limits (11-15-2016)
828Snow and Ice Removal (2-9-2005)
860Equipment Rental Policies (ER&R) (3-7-2003)

Section 900: Miscellaneous

921Hearing Examiner Rules - Hearings on Permit Applications and Other Hearing Matters (12-13-2011)
922Hearing Examiner Rules - Appeal of Administrative Decisions (11-22-2005)
923Hearing Examiner Rules - Closed Record Appeals Before the Commissioners (Repealed 12-13-2011)
950Veterans´ Assistance (10-18-2016)
952Boards and Committees (4-20-2021)
957Lost and Found (9-10-2002)
958Greenhouse Gas Reduction (9-28-2021)
959ADA Accommodation Policy (11-2-2021)