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Clallam County

Clallam County's Mission

Clallam County provides services as required by law or mandated by the public. Through effective management of personnel and other resources, the County strives to provide the basic facilities and programs, which promote health, safety, and quality of life for its citizens.


Our Strategic Goals

  • Provide for the safety and security of county citizens
  • Improve and protect public health
  • Protect the environment and quality of life
  • Maintain and enhance county transportation systems
  • Support economic growth
  • Implement the comprehensive land use plan
  • Provide recreational opportunities and facilities
  • Provide infrastructure to meet growth
  • Keep county government effective
  • Support the educational needs of county employees and provide educational outreach
  • Maintain a high level of customer service to citizens of Clallam County
  • Insure that state law mandates are carried out successfully and provide feedback to the state on the effectiveness of laws

Desired Clallam County Economic Conditions in 2018

  • Jobs: No net loss of private sector jobs between the 2010 census and 2020 census
  • Employment (ages 25 to 60): 95 percent employable citizens will be either employed or looking for employment (up from the current 93 percent)
  • Median wages: Consumer Price Index plus 4 percent
  • Median household income: Consumer Price Index plus 4 percent

Areas of Focus

Four areas of economic activity that can capitalize our assets and advantages:

  • Marine Trades
  • Natural Resources (Forestry, Fisheries, Agriculture)
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Tourism