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Public Input and Citizen Participation

We encourage everyone to participate in County government and this page contains links to functions where you can get information about various issues in County government or make comments that influence decision making.

As a citizen, you can take an active role in shaping Clallam County government policies, programs and decisions.

Participating in government can be as simple as voting at each election. But you can go a step further by participating in the day-to-day process of local government.

  • You can volunteer for one of the many county advisory boards that make recommendations to the Board of Clallam County Commissioners and county departments. Many departments also depend on volunteers for everything from assistance with office functions to projects in parks and on the Olympic Discovery Trail.
  • You can influence decisions when it comes to adopting laws, the annual budget, or where to site a new park. You can review proposals for new or amended ordinances and polices or you can testify at a public hearing.
  • You can seek elective office.

One of the greatest challenges of governance is finding a balance between the interests of the community as a whole and those who have a special stake in a particular issue. Citizens can help strike that balance by looking for solutions that work for the entire community, not just a small group.

Although participating does not always mean prevailing, it does make government a partnership effort. That's something positive, because when citizens are actively involved in their government, decisions can better reflect the will of the people.

Attend Commissioners Meetings (open to the public)

Your County Commissioners at Work
View and print meeting and worksession agendas for the Board of Commissioners. Minutes of the Board´s meetings are also available for viewing and printing. This site also contains links on how to contact each of your Clallam County Commissioners or the County Administrator.

Boards, Committees, and Group Opportunities
Descriptions and staff contact information for more than 30 citizen advisory committees and boards that help shape the future of Clallam County. These groups advise county departments and the Board of Clallam County Commissioners.

Volunteer Opportunities
Learn about opportunities to volunteer in County government.

Comment on Proposed Ordinances and Policies
The Board of County Commissioners encourages citizens to review and comment on proposals for new and amended ordinances and policies. Once public hearings are scheduled on proposals, the Board accepts testimony from citizens via e-mail, telephone, or mail.

Speakers Bureau
Need a speaker for your community group, PTA, or neighborhood association? Clallam County has the answer. Our Speakers bureau program offers experienced, informative speakers ready to talk with you about important county issues and projects.

The County Budget
In order to accomplish the varied functions of County government, Clallam County operates over 50 funds and 75 separate budgets. Each year Clallam County adopts annual budgets for each fund and department for the coming year. The budget adoption process begins in July and continues through December. During the process the Board of Commissoners hosts community forums and public hearings on the budget proposal. View or print the Clallam County Budget, Department Summaries, and Charts or graphs comparing data. In addition a Citizen´s Guide to the County Budget is available for viewing or printing.

Clallam County Boundary Review Board
The Clallam County Boundary Review Board is created to provide independent review of issues that arise when government jurisdictions propose changes in boundaries. Typical examples are annexations by cities, changes in fire district lines, etc. These pages contain agendas for upcoming meetings, munutes, and maps of proposed annexations and boundary changes.